Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Testimony Tuesday - What the Holy Ghost Helped Me to Remember

I taught early morning seminary for 3.5 years.  To learn more about seminary, a scripture class for high school age youth, go here.

This has been my favorite calling in the church.  I loved studying the scriptures and helping my students to learn about Jesus Christ and his Gospel.  

It also very time consumptive.  During my last year teaching, I was going through a particularly challenging time and was overwhelmed by all my responsibilities.  I needed to focus on myself and my family, which meant I needed help.  

I needed someone to teach seminary for me.  But who?  The early morning commitment (it often conflicts with work schedules and getting children to school) made it difficult to find a substitute that would be a good match for my students.

After a week of struggling to know what to do, the Holy Ghost brought to my remembrance that a friend in my ward (what we call our church congregation) had offered to help teach for me.  

In that moment, I felt peace, joy and relief.  Peace that can only come through the Spirit.  

She taught my class for me for two weeks, a service and experience I will not forget.

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