Saturday, June 28, 2014

Seeking Healing

I am currently pregnant with my second daughter. The birth of my first daughter went well and was beautiful, but due to some health issues she ended up in the NICU, which was traumatizing for me. I am seeking healing through the Savior so that I can let go of more of that experience before I give birth again (in September!). 

My question to you is, how have you had a spiritual experience with birth? How did you feel the Spirit during the birth or adoption of your children?

In the recent General Women's Meeting, Sister Wixon, spoke on keeping covenants and how this is empowering! In talking to other mothers about birth, many have said that they have found birth to be empowering. I never felt that way, but realized in this conference that having a child is empowering! Because we are keeping a covenant with our Heavenly Father that we may have made in our premortal life!