Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Testimony Tuesday - What I Have Learned From Adversity

God loves me.  He knows me.  

This is something that I never knew until recently.  

Since a small child, I have always felt a yearning for our Heavenly Father, but I rarely felt a personal connection. Although, I did receive answers to my prayers and inspiration when needed.  

I had a reached a point where I could do nothing but rely on our Heavenly Father to endure and survive.  Then through His presence in my life and the way my prayers were answered did I learn that He loves me personally.  He knows me and can help me with exactly what I need.

These experiences have also helped me learn that He knows and loves my daughter. And that He always has.  He reminded me of spiritual experiences before and after my daughters birth.

Throughout the last few years, He has guided me through the Holy Ghost to learn this truth, until I had the ability and knowledge to recognize it.

I am grateful I learned that God loves me and knows me, because now I can teach my daughter that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know and love her.

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